Investors needed for Nigeria's First Electric Car

 Since the success of the self-funded project in 2016, these team of young Nigerians have not been able to move to the next phase due to lack of financial assistance.

Kidnapped Lagos Monarch, Oniba of Iba, regains freedom

Oniba of Iba regained freedom from kidnappers about 8:00pm on Saturday.

Covenant University School fees for 2016/2017 Academic Session

Covenant University recently published the approved school fees for next session

Bowen University New School fees for 2016/2017 Academic Session

Bowen University just increased school fees across the board for all courses and medical students will spend up to 2 million naira in the next academic session.

How to remove forgotten Windows PC password.

Forgot your Windows admin or user password?
You don't need to format your PC.
You can remove forgotten password in a minute with this trick.

Sugar and Male Fertility. Myth or Reality?

It is a common saying that excess sugar in the body has direct effect on male fertility.

Sugary foods (soft drinks, energy drinks, sweets, snacks e.t.c. contain a lot of sugar) When we take about sugar-induced male infertility, it simply relates to reduced sperm quality. How does it happen?

Many scientific research have shown that diabetes in men have a direct effect on male fertility.
First, lets understand the system that constitutes male fertility.

Windows 10 New feature-One Handed Mode (Just like iPhone 6)

If you use a Windows phone, expect this when Windows 10 update for everyone comes out.

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