Forex in Nigeria; Explained in Simple Terms. | Best Brokers in Nigeria

One of the legitimate ways of making money online today is Forex trading.

Many people jump in the sea without proper education and they get burned in debt and bankruptcy. I almost sank in the sea of failure once so I decided to share this with you all. Africans especially.

Long means buy and short means sell

I'm longing the USDJPY means I'm buying the dollar against the Yen or I'm selling the Yen against the dollar.

I'm shorting USDJPY means I'm selling the dollar against the Yen or I'm buying the Yen against the dollar.

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Jumia 6th Year Anniversary Discount Times and Discount Codes for Today July 20, 2018

Jumia is celebrating and giving huge discounts. From flash sales to prize slash to big discounts.
I was privileged to get discount times and voucher codes for today July 20, 2018.

Be fast about it and follow the time schedule if you want to participate in the deals.

10: 00 am today 60% discount on all T-Shirts
T Shirt Discount

12: 00 pm today 40% discount on all Casio watches

3: 00 pm today infinix hot 6 phone price slashed to #37,990 

4: 00 pm today  Samsung Galaxy S9 price slashed to  #229,990 from #270,000 

Gas cooker - Surprise Price slash at 4:00pm

 Gift Vouchers5% off link

Voucher Codes
Product: Home Theater
Discount Code: soundit1k
Price off: #1,000

Product: Beauty and Hair Products
Discount Code: hairpieces
Price off: 5%

Product: Generators
Discount Code: gen2k
Price off: #2,000

Product: Game Consoles
Discount Code: gamer4k
Price off: #4,000

Product: Men's Clothing
Discount Code: Mcloth
Price off: 5%

Looking out for Treasure Hunt is also a way to enjoy the offer.
Also, there's a special offer of 99% off on a TV in the Laptop section. Try your luck and find the treasure by clicking on the image below.

Don't Miss a Thing in This Offer

Thank me later

Belgium's 2018 World Cup Jersey; A Redesign of the 1984 Euro Team Jersey

The kit was designed by Adidas and it is a revision of the Euro 1984 Team. 
The Euro 1984 team didn't make it out of Group Stage. Let's hope the 2018 team doesn't imitate them.

Nigeria's World Cup Jersey, a redesign of the 1994 World Cup Jersey

Image source: aoifootball

The historic 1994 Nigerian Jersey resurfaced as the best Jersey in the 2018 World Cup.

Poll for the 2019 Elections in Nigeria

Dear Nigerians, I made this poll on my twitter account to start a survey which will help us know our Presidential and Governorship candidates.

This blog seeks to share results obtained from this poll publicly in other to sensitize youths and older Nigerians about our individual and collective responsibility in doing this right.

It begins with you.

Hence, your challenge; should you choose to accept it is 

  1. To contribute to this survey by picking who your choice candidate for the upcoming elections is.
  2. To share this blog post and retweet the twitter post in a bid to make this poll available for your friends and family.

If we get little things like this right, we will most definitely get the elections right. 

Don't forget to share this...
It begins with us....

Elijah Comedy

You missed Beyondbit/Whaleshares Hangout? After party is on Discord Channel

Okay. I'm sorry my blog is turning into something else.
I'm recruiting you to meet great minds without an interview.

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Open Heavens: 2 January 2018 (Tuesday) – COME WITH US

#openheavens #openheavens2018
Memory Verse:
And he said, my presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest. Exodus 33:14

Bible Reading:

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