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Open Heavens: 2 January 2018 (Tuesday) – COME WITH US

#openheavens #openheavens2018
Memory Verse:
And he said, my presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest. Exodus 33:14

Bible Reading:

Break out from Contagious Mentality

Be curious; not suspicious.
Ask; "why did this happen", don't conclude  without proof.
Mentality is contagious
Be selective about what gets into your mind.
We should be concerned about "what is sensible" and not "what people think is sensible"

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Love, unexpressed diminishes; today, unused is lost hence, to whom much is given, much is expected. 

Tutorial: Dell Vostro 3550 Disassembly (Video)

This is a simple 3 minute video that shows how to disassemble a typical Dell laptop (Vostro 3550 Core i5 board).

Be Curious and not Suspicious

Be Curious and not Suspicious

Ask "Why did this happen", and not say "this is why this happened."

Don't always conclude without proof.

Many times; we conclude without giving the opportunity for parties involved to proof.

We torch the cloak of the thief without knowing why he stole.

We imprison the accused without listening to his story or reason.

We blame the prostitute without knowing why she sell her body for money.

If we were a litlle bit more curious than suspicious, life would be better.

Our community would be a safer place to live in

# Mentality is contagious 

Easy Way to Exchange Bitcoin in any African Country

Many Nigerians are losing their Bitcoin because of lack of knowledge. Here is a story of someone who did.

Last week, Cynthia, a friend lost Bitcoin worth  $700 and she ...

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