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How to Make Money From Blogging and Sharing Content With No Capital

While some make facebook, twitter and instagram richer, some others make themselves richer by doing the same thing somewhere else.

Knowing very well that many writers will need this information, I have decided to write this short post on my blog on Candid Article, WhaleShares  and on nairaland.

First Question
How real is this?

It is so real because I made and I'm still making good enough money from these platforms.

Second Question
Do I get paid in real money?

Yes, you get paid in real money

Third Question:
How soon can I withdraw the money?

You can withdraw the money as the platform allows you to (Usually in a 7 day period)

Different platforms employ different economic models to protect users from people who only want to steal from the economy.

As humans, we are made little creators. We are full of ideas and value but not many people find the right platform to accept our ideas.

We are constantly thinking and solving problems. We document some of our activities …

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