Airtel Unlimited BIS trick

MTN BIS trick has stopped working and heavy internet users need to surf the net at a cheaper rate than the normal rate.
 Airtel BIS, regardless of the plan works on all devices. However, yesterday, I discovered that modem users might have a challenge with this subscription. 
The simple solution is here.
mtn blackberry plan, airtel bis plan, candidarticle, After making the BlackBerry subscription, load #100 and subscribe to the 10MB-1 day plan.
This will unlock the data and make it work on your modem.
You don't need any code. 
Just dial *141*1# and select the plan you want.
I use the unlimited BB plan.
Its #1500 and it comes with 2Gb data bundle even if airtel tells you its unlimited.
To subscribe to this, dial *440*16#. 
To check bundle balance, dial *123*10# or *141*712*0#
Access point remains the same and you can use your blackberry directly. CLICK HERE to check the procedure.

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