Airtel BIS... #1500 for 1Gb

Airtel "unlimited" Blackberry Internet Subscription. Unlimited indeed.
Airtel has been cheat with the "unlimited" Blackberry Internet Subscription. 
Thanks to windows data counter, You won't have to feel so confused again. Alot of my friends told me about how their data gets zapped indiscriminately, so I was compelled to subscribe on my airtel sim. I placed it in my modem and it finished in 4 days. Normally *123*9# showed that I had 2gb when I subscribed but I used only 800MB of the data. The pic shows it in the red circle...

This is to caution you to go for alternatives instead of wasting your #1500 on 800MB. Glo Overload is the best for modems and non blackberry phones at the moment.


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