Drifter! The Waterproof Speaker That Has A Brain

While other waterproof speakers used today are powered by Bluetooth which require close proximity of delicate phones to water, Drifter saves you the stress and lets you leave your smartphone behind because it is smart. It plays your music even when your smartphone is off. 

 Freedom Audio Team (formerly FreshETech) believes that music lovers should enjoy music all the time so they built the Drifter.
The Drifter is one of a kind as it is one of the first speakers that runs on its own operating system, meaning it can load up music and play it back without the help of a smartphone.

The Drifter runs on Android, with 16GB of storage, and integrates with most of the main music services like Spotify, Beats, Apple Music (excluding Pandora), so that users can simply load up their music and hit the road or water.


It is waterproof, buoyant, rugged and comes with its own touchscreen to control the music.

Beach outings and pool side hangouts just got better with Drifter as it also comes loaded up with the ability to play over Wi-Fi at home, or Bluetooth when out of Wi-Fi range.

The Drifter is available for pre-order now on the Freedom Audio website at $199, with units shipping in October. Once it goes to retail, the Drifter will get bumped up to $299.

Credit: Techcrunch, Freedom Audio


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