Get it Right. Masturbation Isn't Just Right

Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genital.
Sometimes indulging in the act could get out of control and the person may indulge in excessive self-absorbed or self-indulgent masturbation. The end result of masturbation is no different from normal intercourse in that an orgasm occurs whether it is as a result of self stimulation or mutual stimulation with a partner.

People who masturbate excessively may face the risk of making it habit, which can be psychological and would require them visiting and confiding in a counsellor or specialist. When fertility is a concern, efforts should be made to curb masturbation around the time of the wife’s fertile period (when she is ovulating), as this can lead to a decrease in sperm reserves in an individual with a low or low to normal sperm count, thus reducing semen quality at the time that the highest quality is needed.
What this means is that when a couple is trying to get pregnant the male partner may need to limit masturbation and conserve the sperm stored for the fertilization of the egg.

In Males
Every time a man masturbates to completion, he has an orgasm leading to ejaculation.  This could lower the sperm count available to fertilize the egg. The male body needs to produce more sperm in order to refill the sperm reservoir, and this takes time for a man who indulges in frequent daily masturbation.
As such, the store will consistently be lower than a man that does not masturbate as frequently. So for a couple trying to get pregnant, it is advisable to shore up the sperm reserve for proper use during intercourse, because when the man allows the sperms to build up in the semen this can result in increased fertility.

In Females
Female masturbation also plays a role in a couple trying out for a child, because when a female orgasm takes place, the cervix dips down to touch the end of the vagina and this increases fertility. However, if the female reaches orgasm during intercourse before the male, the acid in the vagina may enter the cervix and decrease the amount of sperm remaining viable for the fertilization of the egg.

Religious Views
Christianity, Islam and other religions view sexuality between a couple (male and female) as a gift from God in marital relationships, and the misuse of sex as a sin.  Therefore, because the act of masturbation entails self-stimulation, and by its nature is incapable of expressing love for another person, it is viewed as a distortion of the purpose of sex and therefore is a desire of the flesh (lust).
This is more so when it becomes an addiction since the practice of self-pleasure is not viewed as honouring God’s gift of sexuality. Religious leaders therefore admonish that instead of succumbing to the desires of the flesh, they should turn to the Holy Spirit to manifest his fruit.
Others, on the other hand, view masturbation as a way of releasing tension which in turn serves as a guard against adultery, pre-marital sex, etc, and a way of balancing differing libidos between spouses.
In conclusion, masturbation has arguments for and against it, depending on what the purpose is. But it is important to note that once there is a desire to stop or reduce this act, the mind must be made up to do so.
Cut the Slack! Masturbation is not Right 'Cos Obsession Can't Be Ruled Out. The Psychological Effects And Consequences Are Negative And Destructive.


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