iOS 9 Will Know To Switch To Cell Data When Wi-Fi Sucks

iOS 9 is smarter. A good Wi-Fi connection can flop when you least expect. The signal looks good but downloading a small file or connecting to the internet won’t be as good as it should be.
Sometimes you’ll just fix your gaze on the phone until you manually kill the Wi-Fi connection. Upgrading to iOS 9 is just what you need.

iOS 9 fixes this. When the Wi-Fi signal isn’t good enough— iOS 9 automatically drops back onto cellular data connectivity.
It’s a nice concept if your data plan is a good (Connection bad? Use the other one).

However, Android OS on some Samsung devices and some third-party apps like BestSignal and Tasker have this feature. In most cases, our phones just trust that a seemingly strong signal is in fact a good connection and will just sit there timing out into infinity (there won’t be time wasting anymore).

Oops! This new trick is exclusive to the developers-only iOS 9 beta, for now. If you’re on iOS 8, you’ll have to wait a while. It will presumably hit the public, open-to-anyone version of the iOS 9 beta within a few days.

This new “Wi-Fi Assist” feature was spotted first by 9to5Mac, along with a bunch of other new stuff hiding in the beta. It comes with a whole new set of wallpapers and other new stuff.

If you are worried that you might end up exhausting all your cell data on instagram pictures or videos, don’t panic: you can turn WiFi Assist feature off.


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