Take A Selfie To Confirm Payment

With the increase in sophisticated cyber-attacks and other types of credit card fraud, the payment industry has begun incorporating various types of biometric technology to enhance security and prevent breaches.

A recent report by MasterCard says the company is launching a facial recognition payment service based on “selfies” taken on a smartphone.

This technology uses a photo scanner that creates a map of the shopper’s face and translates the map into a code to confirm payment. This information is then stored for future purpose.

facial recognition points
MasterCard customers still use password when making purchases via the “SecureCode” service, but soon a “selfie” from a smartphone will be enough to close transactions. This program is to be tested on 500 card users before the company makes the feature open for all.
 MasterCard also revealed that it is working on payment verification via voice recognition.

MasterCard's facial recognition system will be optional and would not be forced on customers.

Source: MasterCard123rf


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