Got #Pile (#Hemorrhoids)? Tried #Cannabalm yet? Balm made from #Cannabis, #weed #hemp

 Yes! Cannabis popularly called indian hemp has quite a  number of medicinal applications one of which is in the treatment of pile in form of cannabalm.

Hemorrhoids commonly called pile is a painful condition where the internal and external veins of the anal region become varicose. The veins can usually be seen protruding from the anal area.  If bleeding occurs, then they are called as bleeding piles. Both bleeding and non-bleeding piles are painful. Most people who have had pile once or more say pain is similar to that from pricking needles.
The condition is classified as a digestive disorder.

  • Sitting on cold seats, like benches, for long periods
  • Eating lots of meat, especially beef or pork. They clog the pockets and cause lots of damage (more on that below)
  • Age and general degradation and weakening of flesh, which can be accelerated or slowed through diet, or toxins absorbed in general, as they tend to collect in these pockets (bleeding back into the system along with consumable remnants of food).
  • Diarrhoea or constipation, a low fibre diet, pregnancy, genetics, or increased intra-abdominal pressure. Other factors include obesity and sitting for long periods of time.
A couple of days ago, I heard how someone with chronic hemorrhoid cured himself with a mix of shea butter and indian hemp so I made the research and decided to share.

Vegetables are generally important in the treatment of Hemorrhoids. However, food substances refered to the most are: yam, spinach, radish, carrots, okra, sesame oil, buttermilk and leafy vegetables.

How Indian Hemp and Shea Butter helps in the treatment of Hemorrhoids

Cannabis contain the compound called cannabinoid which are capable of causing a healing effect in the body.
The active ingredient in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which can function as a cure for brain cancer by inducing glioma cell death through stimulation of autophagy.
  • What is amazing is that while cannabinoids effectively target and kill cancerous cells, they do not affect healthy, normal cells and may actually protect them against cellular death. Moreover, cannabinoids are also researched for their pain-modulation and anti-inflammatory abilities as they bind to special receptors in the brain, much like opioid derivatives that are commonly prescribed today.
How to make the mixture
Quite simple. Cannabis Balm is made by grinding cannabis leaf to fine state and then mix with dirt-free shea butter which serves as lubricant. The gel can then be mixed with small amount of honey and then applied to the affected part after proper cleaning with warm water.
Healing effect is noticable after 1 week (usually more or less).


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