Keep a track of your achievements at the end of the year

Some 300+ days ago, you had plans to do certain things, accomplish some goals like getting a better job, changing your wardrobe, taking that course, marriage, working on your startup and so on. Self assessment shouldn't be a difficult task.

2015 has ended. How productive were you in the year? According to this article on, only 8% of people accomplish their goals at the end of the year.
The secret is that the 8% kept their goals tangible and simple.
Notwithstanding, they set their minds to accomplishing their goals. I must admit that I accomplished only 33.3% of my goals this year.
I am not satisfied with the result but I strive to be better next year by working on all setbacks.

How do I keep track of my goals?
Step 1: List the things you wanted to achieve in the year
  • Buy a new car
  • Buy a new laptop
  • Buy a new phone
  • Get a new job
  • Save 10% of all income
  • Read 60 new books
  • Work on education (MSc)
  • Post 100 new articles on blog
  • Upgrade Wardrobe 
This is just an example and does not represent the author's goals or template for goals.

Step 2: Grade each goal with a grade over 100 (%). While doing this, making an attempt alone is 20% achievement for me, your satisfaction level is up to you to determine.
For Example:
  • Buy a new car - 0%
  • Buy a new laptop - 100%
  • Buy a new phone - 100%
  • Save 10% of income - 50%
  • Get a new job - 60%
  • Read 60 new books - 40%
  • Work on education - 20%
  • Post 100 new articles on blog -60%
  • Upgrade Wardrobe- 80%
Step 3: The Arithmetic- The sum of your goal will be divided by the total number of goals and multiplied by 100. ie. sum of goals = 0+100+100+50+60+40+20+60+80 = 510
Percentage=  (510/900)  x 100 = 56.67%

Step 4: List setbacks and work towards achieving untouched goals first in the next year.
Note: The result shouldn't be a criteria for your success level or failure level because I have discovered that humans tend to underestimate the good things life brings to them.
This should be used as a guide to work towards being a better person and getting things done.


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