Maybe I'm a little obscure about this....I’m not quite sure..na lie! but it's all about him ('us' actually), in his breath taking appearance.
Much ado it'll be when our eyes lock in hazy infatuation. At that moment, we won't both bother forfeiting the evening in its blazing picture perfect moments just to be with each other and hold hands...

Hian! Na so e go be jareh! that irresistible feeling of being loved wholly. Our meeting shall be coincidental. Could be in a conference, on the flight for a pleasure trip or in a supermarket, wherever it may be, we'd be cast spellbound at the mere thought of each other. Our new found love, pure in all ramifications will be exemplary to the crowd... serious love nwantintin! no one would have to bell the cat on our status as a couple!!!
His friends will not deviate his attention from spending quality time with me and on his priority list, I'd be #1.
Honest he'd have to be about his whereabouts when I'm scared to death or unnecessarily bothered. In drastic situations involving display of mixed emotions of sadness, pain, anger...a spade will be called a spade.
Even when surrounded with beautiful ladies endowed with good body shapes, he'd have eyes for me alone.. iffahear! Shé na me go carry last ni? Me sef I gather gohn!

Sensuality will be the name of our game, we just won't be able to resist the feel of each other and I'll give in with no questions or objections believing him to take me safely through the ride. 

E go sweet die!! Chai! I won't feel funny or insecure for he'd be mature enough to pull it all off. I pray!

Blessed will be that memorable day when on bent knees I’d be asked to be a part of his world for life.
Heewoo! God don do me beta for this one!
 Without hesitation I'd yield to his request and long shall we live on as bones of bones and flesh of flesh...

To all who would wish to put asunder in our union, in vain shall their efforts be at long last because inseparable we would be.
Bad belle people we wan cause casala, na dem sabi!!



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