girl child, #kosisochukwu

Life as a female, young or old comes with future dreams and beliefs nurtured by social or cultural anticipations which for all I know might not be certain. 

The girl child is saddled with domesticated questions philosophical as they are, she wonders in awe at the life she's expected to pursue or live up to, regardless of her basic intentions.

Her anticipations for self discovery are ultimately limited and along the line, she's made to forfeit childhood's euphoric hours in her tender years, teenage evolving sojourns that hatch discoveries in whole new dimensions, then fearful re-initiating memories that come as hallucinations and often mistaken as lunatic exposure of man's sixth sense or inner mind...pity it is for the extreme makeup of a 'girl', 'lady' or 'woman'. 

We live on as the fragile opposite sex having intentions we pray to be noticed and fulfilled by ones chosen or separated for beneficiary completion of our unique make!


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