LIQUORICE...the perfect confection


Once upon a time, there lived this damsel who happened to wish having the best guy everyday in her life
... More like a partner forever but realized sooner than later that she couldn't compromise her standards when nothing promising was in sight for her and 'her best guy' had to work to get her, earn her and not her throwing herself at his demands or wishes.

Alright....I'm actually here pondering on how to go about this exquisite prototype piece of literature, and all I can think of is candy. Bizarre right? 

I say to myself everyday that I'll grow up to be everything to my husband....nothing more and nothing less which in painful honesty will take persistence and untempered etiquette to be nurtured and framed. It seems delusional because reality kicks in marriage and true long lasting relationships where real personalities are revealed in due time that's long enough to determine what's candy in the person you love.

Candy here has limited meanings pertaining to this write means personality, attitude, cooking skills, intelligence, sexuality which it is most times, or the voice of the person which could be a libido activator. 

-Switching back to what's to be discussed here, everyone has an item, possession or individual they regard as sweet and perfect for, a swarthy female, young, buoyant, of African heritage and Nigerian descent will be portrayed as 'liquorice'...equally regarded as 'a perfect confection'.

   Young adult males in the Nigerian society are always taken aback by the extreme feminineness of a lady who appears beautiful,is cultured, has commendable diction, is disciplined, has moral esteem, is religious, social, is an asset, lets the child in her outside when necessary, is loving, intelligent, streetwise and is a good cook. 

Now, this lady in question is a 'liquorice'. 

Knowing fully well that she is marriage material and the complete package guys pray to have daily, her principles; she holds unto like a gauntlet. Despite the befuddled notion some guys have of girls being bad only for their man and the nauseating belief that girls can go down for anything....if you know what I mean, a good girl cannot go unnoticed and unappreciated. 

Not beating about the bush, I say with pride that I am a 'liquorice' in the making, heading towards utmost perfection for "him" alone who'd possess all of me in the nearest future. The values which I'll acquire shall be passed onto daughters of mine and their own daughters whom I might never see. 

Adorned! she who is a 'liquorice' will be, setting the pace for others to follow...a renowned trailblazer whose efforts shall be reckoned with...

Guys who choose not to straighten their old habits of promiscuity and alcoholism and dope consumption are blinded do not deserve these mature females who know who they are, where they come from, what they want, and won't settle for less. 

She is a rare dime to be cherished by any who has her.

     All hail the kick-ass girls who still slay and uphold innate moral values regardless of haters and other impoverished females who have been led astray!

Liquorice is sometimes spelled licorice in many regions...


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