My Child...

letter to my child

My child....,
This is my letter of selfless love to you my dearest in purity.
When formed at first, I was indecisive of what talent to bestow you with; alas! An exquisite idea engulfed me, you would be my instrument of relentless influence leaving untarnished footprints in your world of unsurpassed truth (writings),which would be indelible in nature and portraying  hints of wisdom from my word.

Emerging in all grandeur, satisfied I was with your makeup for your future from a distance was bright. Surely my priceless work of art is a precious stone to be an epitome of exuberant eloquence. Touching lives and changing souls from diverse cultures and races.
The world I sent you to is a temporary one, my kingdom from which you came is eternal and from your works on earth justifiable as they may be will redeem your inheritance from me in heaven. Distractions on earth vary and will come in disguise seeming genuine... but they'd be entices leading you towards hell.
Having me first at all times in mind is grace from me to direct your path and set you straight lest you turn away from me and my word.
Please my jewel, include me in your pain, desire, hate, anger, sadness, excitement, happiness. Everything concerning you is my business, I have you at heart always.
Cast your burden on me and I'll give you rest, never worry about tomorrow and what it'll bring. If I can provide for birds of the sky and beasts on land and in water, how much more you my beloved.
An advice from a father who never sets his eyes off his child is to seek first my kingdom in heaven against all earthly yearnings and desires, to you then will all other things be added unto.
Real hurtful it is when I see my cherished derail from earlier set pathways....I don't expect such from you because I have endowed you with certain whom much is given, much is expected.
Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren that you do unto me!
Endeavor at all times to help the poor and needy, fear not about their negativity  if any ,because no harm will come to you for I’d cast my wings to protect and guide you; under me you'll take refuge... Humans in nature are selfish beings and want everything good for themselves first before others...greatness lies in serving and not in being served my precious!
Love your neighbor as yourself.
What you wouldn't want people doing to you, don't do to others.
I can see how much the societal norms revolve around money, fame, pleasures, relationships with the wrong caliber of individuals and ego. Till the power of love overrides power of money, there won't be peace on earth.
All these, distractions in various forms have eaten deep into hearts of men, all is vanity and would go on the last day of  judgment. The meaning of life has been destroyed in most ramifications. Only a few stand the chance to pass the test of time and still know life's essence.
As creator of all things and beings, I've designed the heart as a delicate object functioning with what is received from principal sense organs of the body... be mindful of what you see for whatever it is, it'll be imprinted in the heart for a while. Move with caution and handle with care your ear with what you hear and listen to. Funny tale it is to know that power lies in the tongue as I have made it; ye shall declare a thing and it shall be established...bound in heaven and bound on earth. Your nose isn't out of the picture here and so is your skin. Touch is an ignition swelling up pleasurable desires... handle with care please!
Fill your heart with positive thoughts for from the abundance of the heart a man speaketh... you'd never know the hurt or joy you'd give a person with words uttered from your mouth ,for they represent the heart and its intentions. The effect words have on people…negative or positive can't be overemphasized.
Guard yourself with my word and use it as weapon against the enemy roaming about like a roaring lion looking for whom to devour.
Lock your heart in my messages that for your spouse to find you, they'd find me first. A young servant of mine, honest in his or her ways and god fearing I'll send your way to complete your uniqueness and in unison shall you both live on bringing forth offspring who would know me and believe in my word.
A man diligent in his works shall stand before Kings and not mere men! With this, I enjoin you to live honestly. Deviate from wrong affairs because for all actions, you will be held responsible.
Live life knowing that at the end it will be accounted for.
My love for you burning endlessly will not be put out as long as you come sober when wrong is done to ask forgiveness...I’d not hesitate for my mercy and grace are abundant.
In all glory of mine, I say solemnly.......I love you…for always.

With purity and grace,
Your father above.


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