Nigeria and the Recycled Leaders

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The recycled leaders will just keep coming back in new packages.

Nigeria is a blessed country,
Things will be well soon,
Just believe, you will achieve.
These are the things the popular Nigerian rapper; Olamide, will call "story for the gods"

I hardly discuss political related matter, but I can't just keep it to myself anymore
The political system in Nigeria is filled with too much filth and rot.

We have been complaining of the same thing for over 40 decades now.
Power, water, good roads, accessible health care, jobs, e.t.c.

Well, this might be a bit offensive to some people but I must say it; Nigeria is going to grow worse over the years.

Why is this?

This is because vote in the same set of greedy and incompetent people every time.
They just find a way to recycle themselves and keep on deceiving us.
We allow ourselves to be enslaved by our employees who should be accountable to us.

O yes! We pay taxes, we pay the charges and their job is to manage our collective wealth.

We give them so much honor that they forget their responsibilities and begin to act as though we are their subjects.

When will Nigeria move forward?
Nigeria will move forward when we cease to continue recycling the incompetent leaders.
Nigeria will move forward when be begin to kick against the bad eggs.

We own the votes, we should give it to the right person.
I see most of the PDP and APC politicians as the "defection politicians".
They can defect here and there as they want.
Let's even kick against all returning politicians.
They only repair the roads and embark on projects in their third year in office. 
They send all their children to study in private Universities and most times outside the country and advise us too stay back and build the Nation they have sworn to destroy.

If they really believe in change, they should be advisers and not power and wealth seekers at the age of 60, 70, 80.
I believe that if we unite to act, Nigeria will become great again and then, the labour of our heroes past will not be in vain.


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