Nigerian Youth and Politics

Imagine a Nigeria with a bunch of smart and dedicated youths in the politics.
Imagine a Nigeria with sharp and innovative minds contributing positively to the affairs of the country
without compromise.
Imagine that the smart young dude uses his intellect with the State Security Service and not as a Yahoo boy (as a fraudster is fondly called in Nigeria).

In my view, Nigerians, especially the youth can't continue to blame the government over everything when the government is in our hands.

It's time for us to take our future and our children's future in our hands.

When the incumbent President was aspiring for his current office, he sought it with tears, promises and much of assurance.

Now, the septuagenarian is busy touring the world while the country's economy is in shambles. Do you blame him? Well I don't.

He once served as Head of State and so many people thought he will be the best to be President again.

Really? Is that how things work?

Now Dear Nigerian youth,
Politics is a dirty game as they say but we must get into this mud to build a better country.

We can't all leave Nigeria to be ruled by a set of selfish elders. They have embezzled enough for their families and enriched themselves with power and authority.

It's time for us to revolutionize our country and we must do that by force.

Oh yes! force, I say. How can the country belong to a set of families who will stop at nothing to desecrate sanity for money.

Recently, the senate bought a couple of SUVs for members. One of the members then said he was not going to accept an imported SUV.

I laughed at their collective folly. Should they even be buying new cars when over 800,000 youths applied for a 10,000 applicant job space.

At first, I thought that the money would have been channeled into something more meaningful. Then I thought, this money would have been embezzled by someone anyway...

In my view, we own this country and should make things right in the next elections we have opportunity to participate in.
Let's even start by voting people in the small parties. Youths who are really intellectual. Not some tout who has his campaign speech tailored to brainwash the masses.

I could write on and on but I am sure I have made my point clear.

If I get my green card in Canada, America or UK today, I am still a Nigerian. If I can't contribute meaningfully to the affairs of my country, I have failed in my quest to be the leader I was born to be.

Let out the leader in you today and let's make Nigeria better.

John Temitayo Makinde


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