Our lives as students in Bowen university are stereotyped…I mean, one wakes up in the morning knowing fully well the next couple of hours are to be spent in a classroom..acquiring knowledge. Then breaks rotate round having lunch, cancelled or postponed classes…chapel torturing sessions and then…evenings.

Free time in this context is limited within the hours of 4 - 8:45pm. This is the only period our chains of conformity are released…just for a while. Now, everyone grabs a partner, it’s a do or die affair, nobody wants to be found in need or alone..those excluded from this ‘bonding exercise’ are students in various chapel units; the choir especially...but is for a period of time.The engaged ones linger around before settling down in abode of genuine expressions (secretive corners)… here, warm love from the females are exchanged for cold bodies from the males in return. I’ll be nice enough to explain this one…I’m blunt like that!

It’s simple, girls want attention from boys who succumb and receive pleasure in return to feed their hungry (horny) bodies.

    Love has varying meanings to different individuals. Perhaps, it’s because of family background and upbringing… I really do not know other perceptions of love, but I recognize the familiar feeling and I know it to be same…unchanging, no matter its presentation.

What I still fail to understand is how and why people have doubts in mind when love’s looking them not only in the face but eyeball to eyeball. Come on people! Being bias isn’t the way forward…not at all. When sullen towards love, you end up on the fence… belonging nowhere, that’s really not life. True talk!

    Gullibility stands to rule in decision making for some students who depend on friends for everything, even dating. Trust me! It’s hilarious.

A guy really likes a girl but won’t ask her out because his best pals don’t approve her. More like an initiation process for the girl in ‘fitting in’. First, she has to introduce herself and find out names of ‘bae’s’ friends, engage in boring long or unnecessary short conversations hovering on likes, dislikes or even past relationship, depending on whom is engaged in conversing with the girl. Most times, the ‘grading session’ takes place when she’s introduced.

By grading session, I mean when the girl is thoroughly looked at.

She’s examined for flaws or physical shortcomings in aspects of endowment and eloquence…

     All these frolicking by guys is an act of comic relief...the best part comes when she’s assessed after departing. This leaves the boy in ‘like’ (because it’s definitely not love) questioning his hunch and finalising getting or losing her.

Woe betides the girl if she’s had a fling or ‘side affair’ with any of his friends…the last card’s been played then because she’d be seen as an object of scorn.

   In Bowen, love’s ‘quadrangle’ is between the boy, his girlfriend, a side chick and a whore. The girlfriend is the ‘supposed’ love of his life, the side chick is present for guilty pleasures all the time and the whore is to fill in gaps from both girlfriend and side chick as well as playing with his friends…

   Misconceptions have been developed over the years about real relationships and what they are truly about.

Relationships to most teenagers and young adults these days dwell majorly on sex and foreplay…satisfying their wants and needs; Learning economics in secondary school sure isn’t paying off now because differentiation of wants from needs seems to be a herculean task.

To them, it’s the ‘in- thing’ and everyone wants a piece with him or her, following the crowd and ignoring self-makeup.

Some students in Bowen don’t consider their ideal in school and in academics..

It’s disheartening knowing fully well students engage in the fun and excitement that comes with socializing which is not a bad idea; the bad idea now is them doing the wrong things because it’s believed to be the right thing to do.

Anyways, I’m not writing to preach or impose morality on anyone…it’s simply my personal discretion and opinion shared.

Bowen University as a foundation with set motives in minds of students has gone a long way in bringing back lost students who have forgotten their primary purpose in school.

Heading back to my focus on evenings in school and how it’s spent, I remember mentioning abode of genuine expressions earlier on. What I’m referring to is the secretive corners couples get to express their ‘love’ for each other… at least away from preying eyes of courtesy officers (who stand as protectors of moral standards in school) for a while. These sites are the classrooms that are void of intellectual sessions, gossip chairs, balconies of the chemistry, biology and physics laboratories; sidewalks of faculty buildings and behind cars parked in alleys.

My goodness! It’s real clumsy of me to forget the field and trees in school. Everyone just has a spot.

    I often wonder why people fall in and out of “love”.

It took me a while to figure this out but the last puzzle piece was fixed when my girlfriend came explaining to me in profound glee that she ‘thinks’ she’s in love.

Quite sudden and alarming that was…when she asked, and I speak as the horse’s mouth; “Uzochi! Have you seen his mad shoes? His dress sense is on point and he has style”.

“WOAH!!! Nice one sister, nice one!” was all I said inwardly.

   In school, even outside the four walls of the university nowadays, love has criteria.

If an individual is seen lacking fashion style, a good accent, beauty, good body physique, ego, riches…he or she isn’t even considered an option.

Honestly to me, love is beautiful, true, unselfish and respectful…notwithstanding all I’ve written above, I’d love someone truly one day and I may or may not have a sincere love story…there will be one anyway.




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