I as a person totally believe in romance...oh well it’s more complicated than it appears.

Everyone wants to love and be loved or at least have a little feel of it if not completely being in it. I'm a love freak and movies, pictures and novels are my Inspiration. Growing up
I had foggy ideas of what I thought love to be and oh boy!!! They were funny ones. I tend to love completely most especially when the feeling is nurtured daily with my unquestioning resolutions to be a better lover each passing minute. My tale is one of tertiary love. It's basically what is perceived as love in universities...better put, my university.

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The phrase 'I love you' has rationales for differing minds; it cuts across wild dreams and imaginations to a basic self expression. It's no crime to love someone or at least have a 'thing' for a person which could be categorized as a crush or infatuation because it stands no chance of being certain or lasting long. What matters is true intention; and true intention strikes a chord in a heart willing to oblige to consequential unfolding no matter how spurious situations might turn out to be later on; for with everything good is a bad side to it.

Right now, I'm in sixes and sevens but I'm trying to get back on my feet. Alterations have been made to my perspective about 'love' in most and not all ramifications. Ok...I'll spill it, I loved once and got ditched for books! Like seriously, books over a royal hotness like me...unbelievable! tufiakwa!! Was a lie because I wasn't 'generous' with him. Oh well...such is life. Bowen university is a tertiary institution quite alright...adorned with all paraphernalia of making it a worthwhile arena of knowledge acquisition; but forget that thing mehn!!! the officials tend to deceive themselves thinking they owe us a responsibility of care taking... no offense, that's nonsense! We know how we roll and fend for ourselves.. we're no longer kids at least we've been given a task of living the university life and that’s quite enough work for as long as we read a course. We deal with and are in love....

It's already quite annoying having picture perfect moments ruined for no cause other than students departing to their hostels. 'courtesy officers' see chasing students as 'fun' exercise. More reason why couples scramble around to bask fully in lingering moments before fully denied quality time with one another. The last 'bus stop' before the last goodbyes to a sad or sweet evening are said is 'moni'...before those hours of the evening, 'moni' is just a store where drinks and other little confectioneries are sold. Its Intriguing to know this centre revolving around warm hugs,kisses of departure is effective;probably because the bus stop itself is close.

Every person not withstanding your social, academic or spiritual status wants to hang out during evenings... the feeling of holding someone or being undeniably close to someone during the hours of a perfect evening seems everlasting and is paramount to any other thing at that particular time...even the next day.

                         To be continued....



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