Nigeria, Independent Country, Enslaved Citizens

In summary, the labour of our heroes past was in order to have a blessed country.
That dream has been killed by a few juggernauts who use several avenues to dupe the country of its blessings.
I will briefly through my observations

Who are the people killing the Nigerian economy?
There are three major categories of people killing the country. These are:

  1.          Politicians
  2.          Religious leaders and
  3.          The more privileged

No stories:
You know 80% of the politicians are vipers. They are concerned about their pockets and stomachs.

Do you even know that some of them are drug addicts? It’s our fault if we still vote in these killers in starched agbadas.

Note: There are still politicians that sincerely and wholeheartedly love this country. 

As for the religious leaders, some of them have forgotten their calling and now support evil political leaders instead of them to say the hard truth. 

The more privilege:
These ones are the people in position; 

They are the ones who can import and export;

The ones who can hire and fire; 

The ones who can give waivers and claim waivers; 

The ones who can hoard fuel and as well hike the price; 

The ones who can take contracts and use inferior materials; 

The ones who give crazy and estimated bill for electricity even when the consumers have not had power for months;

And the list goes on…

I’m not a witch hunter but I’ll like Nigeria to be better than this.

I don’t want to fast and pray before going to the embassy because I want to fulfill my dreams

I don’t want to keep spending millions on education in another country all because the funds for me to have a WORLD-CLASS education in my country was stolen by a couple of greedy and idiotic people.

I want the oyinbo’s (white people) to come to my country and see my country as a blessed Nation too.

How do we do it Nigeria?
Your tribe, culture or religion doesn’t matter now. 

i.                   Let’s love and support one another
ii.                 Let’s put it in prayer everyday. God answers prayers.
iii.              Let’s be more demanding: NO RESULT, NO HONOUR
iv.      Let's embrace discipline
a.      Let’s demand quality
b.      Before we vote in anyone, let’s ask the most difficult questions.
c.       Let’s drop the “na so” mentality. Things should happen differently. We should question all irregularities and shun giving bribes.
This is just a fraction of my view…
Nigeria will be better…


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