I write of love in tears as my heart bleeds continuously.
 What’s to expect in love? 

I mean, choices are made countless number of times on varying situations and dilemmas but on whom to love endlessly; that my dear friend is not in our power. 

Believe you me, falling in love isn’t planned, it happens like the snap of fingers or within seconds of blinking an eye; and when it does, it really is undenied eternal bliss from within that totally engulfs the soul and makes us glow; more like fire flies.
I’m only human and I know that one day all my labours will return to dust and I might as well go into oblivion; but I know for sure that my sincere love story will die with me as embedded it will be on my heart. 

Scars of love and all good things inclusive makeup the never fading memories which might relinquish for fear of heart breaks (metaphorically speaking!); but will ever be remembered.

I wish upon my faultless stars that I get to love one day; might be the very second this brusque write up ends or few years after my university graduation. 

I just do not want to be loved anyhow and by anybody, at least I get to make my choice on the calibre of person I pray to love endlessly and relentlessly for many years to come.
I wish once more to be loved deeply and not necessarily wildly, at least not everyone gets that opportunity. 

In sincerity, we would bask in love’s pure glory till death. Like fairy tales, he’d be my forever and prince charming. 

All of me I would render without holding back.

Some infinities are bigger than many other infinities and so are countless numbers in between 0 and 1. 

I pick my lucky number and infinity; small it may be, but at when due; I’d ponder and with an ever grateful heart, bless our souls for such unique opportunity of selfless love’s expression amongst ourselves. 

With this, I pray to love effortlessly with honour, grace and respect beneficiary for ‘us’ both.
     God bless my anonymous lover whom I patiently await….
      A selfless soul filled with love to give
                                                                                     Inspired by a movie.


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