SENSATION....(love expressed)

What picture do you have when sensation comes to your mind? I'm guessing touch, skin,stimulation of hormones and sensitive organs of the body...if so? You're on the right path and what I'm to share will be easy to understand.

 Love is beautiful and goes beyond the mutual feeling. It is more than love shared with mother and child, holding an item close to the heart..its expressed! 'Expressed love' in my context of usage boils down not to exchange of gifts, caring or providing for a dear one but refers to sensual expressions. 

Sensuality is the name of the game here in expressing love. Enticing it is...when love is sincerely made to you,in its realm, sex is more than it engulfs and captures both partners.
 People confuse the ideal meaning of sex and lovemaking..they have similar  makeup but differ in 'deep' expression.
Love making entails the bonding of both body and soul in the intense consummation of their entirety. Plain sex is quick, meaningless, only out to fulfill desires. There's the difference.
     An experience to be shared!

  My phone buzzed one more time and this time I picked it angrily screaming 'hello!' into its speakers like a mad dog.

I mean...just returning from the salon under the scorching sun, no one at home plus no food to eat. Mehn! I really hate my house...and then my annoying 'palasa' keeps ringing with an unknown number. I hate missing my calls and not knowing who is calling is another annoying thing on its own.

 The softness of his calm voice saying ' baby calm down, it's me' made me gasp for air. He just had his way of owning me even in disturbing situations like what I was going through at the moment. 'oh its even you', we're the only words I managed to say after the unnecessary drama I performed. 

Ejiro Oghenetega was heavenly sent.. 

I met him a couple of months ago at my cousin's wedding and afterwards my life with him as his girlfriend and lover has been blissful. 

 'What happened to your phone?' I asked...trying to get myself together this time around. 'I left it in my friend's place,will pick it up tomorrow' was his rather hasty reply; maybe because he was dodging further questions from me.

 After a rather long chat of him telling me he missed me badly..and how his school was messed up and me telling him I just made my Christmas hair..well, we decided to spend the next day alone in my house. 

My parents had traveled to the village already and I was to join them the coming Monday.... my brother leaves for work early in the mornings and returns late at I was home alone.
 As the grandfather clock downstairs in the guest parlor struck 1:00pm, a knock came on the door simultaneously...he was already here. 

I really wanted to jump out of my skin  because I hadn't brushed or had my bath and I had to kiss him for sure...'ahhhhh' I quietly screamed as I unlocked the door and saw him in his 'dashing beauty'. 

Tega as I fondly call him was light skinned..which was really strange of an edo boy with swarthy parents. His hands were rather full and I assisted him in carrying some 'kilimanjaro' nylons. As we dropped the foods from the eatery on the kitchen slab, Tega swiftly pulled me close to him in one brisk hand movement and I was starring into his sombre grey eyeballs...
His lips were painfully soft and full as he pressed them on mine..the pleasure of our tongues twining in ecstasy was too good to believe. I gently pulled him back and told him I hadn't taken my bath or brushed..he didn't care! My boy was far gone.. Once more, he pulled me close and grabbed my ass as he always did, but this time, rather slowly making me pulsate at the sense of his touch. Now, I couldn't move..i was stuck.

  In the twinkle of an eye, I saw myself on the dining couch and I was in his strong arms...slowly and steadily, he slid his fingers through my thighs and I jerked immediately but calmed down as he gently bit my ear lobe sending chills down my spine. I was dripping wet as I gushed like a faucet..his fingers were experts and definitely knew their way around. I didn't want to go farther than I pulled his hand away, stood up like nothing had happened and ran upstairs to my room screaming 'I'm coming' so it wouldn't seem really awkward even if it totally was.

  As fast as I could, I ran into the shower and dashed out almost immediately...keeping him waiting would kill his libido and I didn't want that to happen. I was ready for what was coming. Pulling out my thong and lace bra from my pant bag, I put on a crisscrossed patterned mini skirt with a transparent dark blue tank top that revealed everything underneath... I really wanted to drive him crazy.
 I went back to the dining hall and found the meal he brought neatly arranged on the table..more like 'lunch for two'. He read my mind and was ready to play likewise. Eating in silence for the next couple of minutes was rather intoxicating than unnecessary... it was as if no one wanted to ruin the tranquil environment, not until I purposely pushed his car keys that were luckily beside my plate. His knowing gaze completely got me lit up and he smiled so lovingly I couldn't take my eyes off him. 'I can't take this anymore, what is this boy doing to me right now? If only he could prove to me his true intentions and make me believe he truly loves me'....all these I said inwardly as I crossed my already itching legs several times. Tega was always mischievous and noticing my uneasy self, he pulled back, stood up, walked towards me and took my already sweaty palms in this moment, i knew what was going
Taking me to the parlor, he sat me down,looked me straight in the eye and asked in a persuasive voice..' do you want to do this?' I was numb... this was everything I wanted...reading romance novels, watching porn and fantasizing on a regular on it was really going to happen. At this instant, I just wanted him to rip my clothes off my body and take me, but something else happened...Tega kissed me forcefully and in whispers told me he loved me and was going to give me good loving.. ooohoo!...this was just like those comedy pickup lines used by guys who wanted to get hooked Tega was super horny like I was and well..I was in for the thrill. 

Taking me up in his arms, we proceeded to my bedroom and there I lay on the bed wandering what the next move was going to be. Taking his clothes off, I followed suit...funny it was to me that we didn't feel ashamed of our bodies. Looking down, I realized he wasn't as huge as I expected..thank goodness, the lesser pain i'd feel. 

Staying on top of me, he made the first push and I whimpered a little, the next was redeeming because he made it quick and the pain I felt within was instant. Making several thrusts, he went deeper like he was on a quest to find God knows what.....this was really pleasurable, loud moans came from all angles as I was delirious. Noticing this, he expedited making me swell in elation...suddenly,he let out a sonorous gasp like he was done. The feel of milky liquid dripping down my legs from my inner lips as soon as it was released made me balmy. In an act to palliate his rushed penetrations, he slowly moved in between with his mouth and boy did his tongue make magic. Waving in, I hunched my back severally because the feel was too good to believe and he sure was no amateur!

 A couple more rounds after the body tingling episode and we lay side by side on our backs...all sweaty and exhausted like we had a marathon....which we did anyways. I was overly 'brain busted' and happy within. I felt love, tasted it, swam in it and hoped to get drunk next time on my jolly good ride...only that it might be with another.

 Bask in love's glory till you've had enough!


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