Emptiness to me is this absolute longing for something you can't have unless something else is laid down for it in return...as sad as this is to me, a hollow is drawn up in this fragile little Heart of mine. It's shattered; I mean
broken into tiny irreplaceable pieces you just see get whisked away by the wind. I don't want to leave the surface of this world empty--it’s definitely not the option, I know this like the softness of my cheeks. Yeah…bizarre right? Why my cheeks, you may be wondering? That's because their softness is undoubtedly known...do get my drift please!
In the long run, the longing for this one thing is a wasted effort, unless a miracle happens. Help!! Is anyone out there to help in this plight of mine?
I'm in love but at the same time, experiencing emptiness. Well, there are different worlds--one party should switch sides...#quite impossible!!!
Oh God! We honest lovers don't deserve this, to all those who hunger for refill, there's always a silver lining in the cloud for us. Baba God dey!
Guess what? This write up isn't complete till a solemn definition is given to this feeling that can't be explained and brings nothing but tears to the eyes of a deserted and bare hearted soul! For the main time, we'll just chill and keep longing...
To be continued...
With hope,
From ‘A heart’ in want!

Photo credit: Hyrinth


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