In His Presence

At that moment, swift sensations nudged me at my temples, I felt like I was initiated into a boundless never ending abode of mercies and graces. Just as I stared at his sacred heart and that of his immaculate mother, I knew my hunger, thirst, worry and anxiety had been forfeited for joy--happiness as I smiled sheepishly knowing the eeriness of my feelings as if explained to anyone else but myself.
I wasn’t perturbed, filled with so much ardor, I anticipated and drowned myself in solemn admiration at the feet of his throne where I lay believing and trying to comprehend the inexhaustible source of grace as well as goodness which so happens to be his heart and how despite its being brutally treated by my waywardness and unrighteousness, he still looks at me with love and encourages me to move-on in my life’s sojourn seeking him alone and reminding me of his promises as I adore him constantly.
Then I think to myself “HAH! Such great God I got working for me!”
Now, basking in all this love I thought was much, I continuously assure myself that I will be in line with his word, meditate on it with conscious effort, make my hours spent in his presence worthwhile as I watch him surprise me.
My soul will rest in his embrace….Amen.
Where my feet may fail and oceans rise, I will call upon his name for I’m his, and he is mine.
Above all, I resolved right there as I keenly took notice of his gaze to love my savior Jesus Christ with love so fierce the heavens will stare back at me in wonder and admiration.

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