Nne Says

This is a basic write up of a mother's advice to her #daughter; both of #African heritage. (#Igbo, #Nigeria). Its aim is to instill moral values the #native way by words of #mouth.

Nne says: my precious little daughter, you're wonderfully and graciously made by God. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Inugo?
Nne says: I love and cherish you, no man's love could be better than mine. I'd give you all you want, k'edife I choro? Name it...please don't be deceived by boys who pose as men. Hanïnè bú umuaka!
Nne says: your #culture is your identity; ndi ebe anyí n'aefugí, sósó likewise is your attitude, always be respectful, to your older ones and younger ones.
Nne says: you are a 'woman' in the making. I'wu agbohobia biko. Walk, talk, act and speak like one.
Nne says: let no one make a laughing stock out of you. Speak out if anything's wrong kwuzieokwu! onwereonyè toro gi n'obodoanyi; never be anyone's footstool, you and your mates are equal in rights.
Nne says: as Africans, we are seen as the unintelligent folks, study hard in school, graduate with honors, ihe in'eme n'uloakwukwo kachagimkpa!! Get a fine job, a rich and responsible husband, and beautiful grandchildren. Di gi ga'enwe ego mana o g'enye gi umu.
Nne says: Life is but once, live it up n'eme añuri nkeoma!! But always make decisions that will affect your life positively. Ndu gi bu ofü!
Nne says: don't let any man touch you, your pride is the only gift you can offer your husband. Jideo'nwe gi ofuma bikonu; okorobia n'onu, owu nani ahugi ha choro!
Nne says: what goes around comes around, do unto others what you wish them doing for you too. Mepe anya gi ka'ifu ihe i'neme ndi mmadu. Echi d'ime.
Nne says: make hay while the sun shines, hard work in all you do is crowned with success. Ezigbo oru n'ndu gi ga'efegi ego n'uwa.
Nne says: it's a one person race, do good to people who live around you and they'd remember you in future.
Nne says: you are my one and only precious baby; ola'm, omalicha nwa, beautiful girl, my damsel, you'd fetch me a very good bride price.
Nne says: please listen to your elders, mepe ntigi n'ugo ihe ndi nwere isi ga agwagi mana ndu ha wu nkeoma! As they say 'the one who receives counsel is as wise as elders she's surrounded with'.
Nne says: in everything you do, put God first, pray without ceasing and commit all your intentions to him. Kpere chukwu ekpere; gwa ya ihe I choro, O'ga enye gi.
Nne says: “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”, I didn't talk with water in my mouth, heed to my words of #wisdom and the sky will be your starting point in life. Nwam nwannyi! Biko n'ugo ihe nïne m'gwara gi.


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