REGRETS !!!

Why? Is the first question that comes to my mind when I recall situations I regret. As if recalling the memory isn't enough, there's a tendency of me having setbacks...I'll be down for real on this one. Once I missed my opportunity of gaining a scholarship to school in the USA after I finished from High school, why? Because I wasn't
seen as “smart enough” in my academic record and although true it was; that wasn't all that mattered. My poor academic record ‘happened’ as a result of my earlier made wrong decisions , hence the topic.
I mean, realizing this now and thinking of my forfeited benefits; angers me a great deal. I'm angry at myself because I made a wrong decision that cost me the 'sweet life' I deserve.
O well, I can't cry over spilled milk now…can I?
An event or situation born out of regret is a constant reminder of your failure or inability to handle the situation as it was. Perhaps an unsteady and indecisive mind took control that faithful day. Who knows?!!
I just wish I could turn back the hands of time on this one, but I can't.
Regrets make or break a person. They could stand as motivation for excelling and moving with caution in order not to repeat such again or they could be as setbacks that make you brood in gloomy memories hindering you from moving on.
I'll share a story my mother told me in confidence to prove my point.
Back in her earlier married years, my father as an accountant was offered a job as the new managing director of oceanic bank...he wasn't qualified because he hadn't done his ICAN and wasn't a 'chartered' accountant yet. This was devastating for my mom ans especially my dad because it was his mate who offered him the job. Come on people! “Daddy, abeg did you disappear to Mars when others were having their ICAN sessions?” I said this inwardly for fear of my mother breaking down in front of me…not exceeding this 'it got so personal' part, my dad used this to motivate himself and in three years he not only got his ICAN done but masters, all these in married life.
He definitely had sleepless nights. Well, thanks to my mother who spurred his morale…he got an excellent job as a chartered account in an ivy league oil company. sweet!!!
Thanks to God for my mom and dad, I'll never wish for anything more.
As a young lady still in maturation intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically, there's more to discover in this pitfall called 'regrets' and they are triumphs. Imagine the glee when you know you're excelling because of a regret. That my dear, is unquestioned euphoria in itself.
With all said and done, I'll admonish everyone to make hay while the sun shines, there are cloudy days too.

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