Bowen University New School fees for 2016/2017 Academic Session

Bowen University just increased school fees across the board for all courses and medical students will spend up to 2 million naira in the next academic session.

It's no news in Nigeria that government's new policies on foreign currencies have resulted in the increase in price hikes.

With Religious Studies paying the lowest fee - #265,000; medicine and surgery (pre-clinical) paying #1,250,500; medicine and surgery (clinical) paying #1,850,000 not forgetting law students who are to pay #905,000.

Bowen's payment instructions were slightly adjusted as late registration which is 4 weeks after resumption attracts another #10,000.
I'm not really sure the school is in business for education or making more money.

Here are pictures showing the fees

In my view, education in Nigeria is just over-priced.

From my findings, some parents are considering withdrawing their wards to schools outside Nigeria as expensive education does not guarantee getting a job in Nigeria.

Pdf version of the new bill is available on the school's website:

Click on the link below
Bowen University school fees and payment structure pdf


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