Death and the Food Vendor

Some days ago, she served me a plate of rice.
She was always one of the first people to greet me at work every morning.

Although, I was moody most mornings, I always tried to return her smile and courtesy.
Sometimes, I wondered what made her smile every morning.

She was always smiling as I can remember.

Some girls her age wouldn't prefer to serve food.

She must have taken the job to support her parents.

I remember the day she couldn't serve food 'cos her boss locked the kiosk and forgot to drop the key. She just smiled has she told people "wan ti ti ilekun" in Yoruba meaning "the kiosk is locked today". *not literally*

Death isn't a respecter of persons.
In just a month, she faded off the earth after an illness.

I know she had dreams.
She had aspirations.
She had her 'dream family'.
She would have also wanted to go to school, get a great job, build a house and buy a car.
All that have gone to the grave with her.

One funny thing is; her death didn't stop anyone from eating today. Even me.

It didn't stop people from cracking jokes at lunch and laughing all the way.


If someone that humble can die, then anyone can die.

-In conclusion, I will say:-

Prepare, for you know not when death shall knock on your door.

Live, like today is your very last.

Give your very best today and be grateful as much as you can.

May the good God keep the rest of us all.

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