Abule Egba Flyover Bridge: pictures of work progress, the good, the bad and the ugly

abule egba flyover bridge
abule egba flyover bridgeabule egba flyover bridge The construction of Ajah and Abule Egba flyovers are some of the recent projects embarked on by the Ambode's administration in Lagos State.
The Abule Egba flyover project has claimed some lives although it was not intended for such.
In the past 7 months of consruction, atleast 8 people had died along the Abule-Egba axis of the Abeokuta Express way due to unavailability of pliable alternative access roads.

Unavailability of pliable alternative access roads? Yes!
Recently, the Lagos State government aired some paid adverts on television to list out alternative routes. Lagos traffic radio 96.1 also announces alternative access roads/routes at intervals.
The truth is that 90% of these routes are bad and not too motorable especially during the rainy season.
The contractors in charge of the construction have tried in grading some routes but I am of the mindset that "What is worth doing is worth doing well".
I spend 30 minutes in navigating my way out of my vicinity daily. 
This is a sacrifice Lagosians must pay, however,  we shouldn't have to spend thousands of Naira on our vehicles.
I would like the Lagos State to help in grading and constructing some alternative access roads so as to ease the stress of traffic.
An old woman and a dry cleaner were killed in a night because access roads were not good enough to ply at that hour.
NB: Constructing access roads does not mean demolishing houses.
Some streets in London are narrow and pliable. Houses were not demolished, people were not called fools because their city was being developed. Let the government have this in mind while making Lagos better.
I believe that something positive will be done soon.

7 months down the line.
Here are pictures of the 18-month project.
Join the government in prayer as we make Lagos better.

abule egba flyover bridge
abule egba flyover bridge

soldier and motorbike rider fighting on road
Abule Egba-Oja Oba Junction Bridge

Here are some other pictures of the progress on the contruction

Awori-Ekoro Junction

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