Eko Kopas at the passing out parade of Batch B (Stream 1)

2015 Batch B (stream 1) corp members of the National Youth Service Corps match out in the Passing Out Parade popularly called PoP today.

 All the corp members passing out of the scheme were joyous as they posed for pictures with their certificates.
The corper on the horse takes all the credit for the pictures. His name is Tosin and he is from Osun state.
I'm sure he enjoyed every bit of his stay in Lagos.
He was able to run a laundry while he was in service.
I pray he finds fulfillment as he faces the real world.

Life after service:
*This is just my opinion on life after NYSC*
After the mandatory service year, most Nigerian youths waste away time and energy looking for white collar jobs.
I did this for 6 months after my service year.
I have never had to regret looking for a white collar job but I have realized over time that more opportunities lie in exploring yourself.
I met alot of people during the 6 months I hopped from one interview to the other.
I met youths with potentials not yet tapped.
I met potential business men and women, caterers, writers, actors, teachers, inventors, hair stylists and so on trying to get a job.
I even met people whose parents had one small business or the other but didn't want to work with them.
I was one of them.
I had a blog, business ideas, more than two businesses owned by my parents and great computer skills.
I also met people like me.

The Challenge:
I didn't want my parents to nag me.
I wanted to make money fast.
I wanted to sponsor my Masters degree myself.
I wanted to start my business with the savings from any job I was able to get.
I didn't get advice from other people.
This was the same for most of the people I have met.
We were all ambitious but naive of the new environment.
The real life after #19800 monthly alert
The life after #19800 is an easy phase of life if you are ready.
For some, they get the opportunity to study abroad after service or enough funds to start a business.
If you don't have that opportunity, don't flog it.
Don't try to force it.
You might just end up wasting alot of time and energy.
God can say otherwise but you must have a list of things you want to achieve before a particular time.
From my experience, the best way to survive is to be contented with the little you have but strive to attain greatness.
Work on your talents.
Get involved in as many things as you can.
The way forward is not a 9:00am - 5:00pm job if you don't plan to follow a particular career path.
I'll advice that you should have multiple sources of income.
Corper Tosin ran his laundry while he was in service, he tried out mmm (the popular ponzi scheme) and he made money from it.
He was not rigid even though he was far away from home.
I know a couple of graduates who make hundreds of thousands from taking kids private lessons at home.
Some run mini business centres, some work on the internet as freelancers. Check out www.dorojobs.com for online jobs.
Some have websites and blogs.
Some run graphics design services.
Some teach special subjects like Karate, Computer, French, Dance, Phonics for not less than #10,000 per month in primary schools.
They work as contract teachers and so go to any of the schools once a week.
Some go into multi-level marketing (MLM)

Other job ideas are:
Mechanical repairs
Computer and Phone repairs
and so on.
Note: sand is made gold in the hands of the beholder.
I now have the opportunity to make money from teaching, computer sales and repair, mmm, and some other petty businesses.
I read as much as I can, have time to develop myself and plan the future.
You have the potential to be greater than you think.
Don't let Nigeria's troubles get into your head.
If you can't go for Post Graduate studies, fall on something else.
Time flies very quickly.
Please, don't grumble or complain.



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