Let Africa Arise!

In ancient times, Africa thrived economically. Ethiopia, Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria were flourishing and apparently were top economies in the world.

Mobile technology is killing a lot of intellect in Africa.
With the advent of Instagram, facebook, twitter, SnapChat and so on, youths no longer have time to build capacity to be better people. Most youths now care about their online profiles; documenting every activity online and spending every penny available on the latest electronic device.
By my speculation, there's going to be an serious decline in the quality of intellect of the average youth in the next 7 years.

Language and Fashion
India, Saudi Arabia, China and Russia are some top economies I love so much. Regardless of the level of development in these countries, language and fashion have been solely traditional. Although we have a lot of language differences in Nigeria, Canada has French and English provinces. We can make education more interesting by developing our indigenous subjects and teaching them in indigenous languages.
Estonia still stands strong regardless of its small population. There are English institutions and Estonia-taught institutions.

Subjects that require foreign languages should be categorised as English/French-taught subjects.
One major problem is that Africans have been brainwashed to believe that their culture and language are inferior to the Western culture and language.

Control of Resources
I become confused when African leaders get economic policies, natural resource control policies, wild animal protection laws and so on from Westerners. I find it ridiculous that African leaders are subjected to neo-colonisation and are happy about the status-quo. 
I hope that one day, Africa will be in full control of its resources soon. I really hope so.
Sexual Sin
This idea kills every form of creativity and excellence embedded in God's design for Africa.
God, in the bible kicks against homosexuality (Genesis 19:1-38, Jude 1:7, Leviticus 18 1-30 and most importantly Leviticus 18:19-30 which talks about incest, gay, lesbianism and other sexual sins).
Pornography and every form of crazy sexual sins are now in vogue. Nudity sells faster than anything and some youths like naijauncut, H.O.C, Bob Risky, Afrocandy, and even Linda Ikeji in her blog must do this to keep people come back for more and probably make more money.
Music videos won't sell if sex and nudity don't reflect in visuals and lyrics. .1 Corinthians 6:15 warns against allowing your body one with an harlot i.e you shouldn't involve yourself in soft or hard porn.

As lovely and beautiful the western world and its culture is, some of its new-world cultures are not to be allowed in Africa. They will just kill the continent completely.
Africa should not use this as a means to be violent; we should simply shun these forms of negativities and embrace the good parts of our culture.

I can go on and on but I'll just prefer to keep it short and simple.
Africa will not get out of poverty if its people do not embrace the truth.

A man I admire so much; Donald Trump once said; "not everybody can be rich". His reason was this; Not everyone was born with the same intellectual strength, not everyone will learn from his or her own mistakes and failures. Some African leaders are very greedy and so will continue to kill the continent.

Let the youths arise and create opportunities for the poor and less privileged Africans.
Lets get out of neo-colonisation.
Note: I am not a racist. I just have my beliefs.


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