Right now, at this point of my life that so many moral principles and convictions, personal as they are have been held so high and cherished...in a couple of minutes, my orientation seems to have changed because as confused as I am, deciphering 'how' and 'why' things took the course they did leaves me numb and thoughtless.

I won't go straight to the very point of my writing this short piece just yet, but what I have to do now is convince individuals, especially over excited females at their prime that anything good that's worth doing is worth doing well. Now, this will boil down to numerous understandings of what 'good' is.
At the same time, having strong positive opinions about ones self is important and cannot be over emphasised. Your 'No' and 'yes' shouldn't be switched.
This impromptu article of mine is based on my falling short of what I believed I wouldn't do till a particular point in my life when I'd be ready to accommodate consequences of my actions and probably not regret it.
A solemn advice is to refrain from anything, and I mean anything that'll make you change your set prerogatives and have you act otherwise. Feed your focus on life and starve your distractions. With this, you'll triumph and make people wonder who you are, where you're from and the stuff you're made of. Little would they know it's your set mind on good deeds that brought you thus far. 
Believe in yourself and aim for the moon so that if you'll fall at all, the stars would accommodate you.


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