Managing my Family Business at 25 (Part 1); Opportunities and Challenges

At 25, I didn't want to work with my mum after school. I had fights with my parents every night because of my desire to get a job and then start my business after 3 years of experience.
My dad nagged at me a lot, my mum cried when we had to talk. I was just unbelievable.
Recently, my sister told me she used to think I was losing my mind. Quite funny!
Everyone in the house called me "John Dango" because of the ideas I shared with them. "Dango" was formed from Dangote.
That was in 2014 after the compulsory National Youth Service for graduates in Nigeria.
-----------------------Fast track to today--------------------------
My mum went on a 5-month vacation to America in 2016. Although she didn't plan to travel outside the country for that long, she needed a break from stress of the Nigerian hustle.
Here's a link to my mum's web space.
She needed a long break.
I took over the office officially in October. It was a big challenge. I overcame without much hassle. I was already acquainted with the customers and employees before she left. I knew all I needed to know.
It took me time to adjust anyway.
I was managing the affairs of a Primary School.
I had the required qualification academically.
I had to develop the managerial skills.
I had to deal directly with teachers and parents.
I wasn't easy at first; now I know what it takes. I'm still learning though.
I had to connect myself with a couple of mentors who have more experience than I do.

Its been a long journey in 4 months. Have a good read of my experience so far.
Here's a link to aggregate my experience
Click Here
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