Who is the Holy Spirit?

Let's talk about the Holy Spirit...
  • The HOLY SPIRIT is called angel of God's presence. Isaiah 63:1
  • The third person of the Trinity; God as spiritually active in the world
  • The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Living God, the Comforter Jesus promised to send to us. John 14:16-17

What are the things the Holy Spirit will do once you have Him?
The Holy Spirit will teach you. If you don't engage the Holy Spirit, you will not hear from God. John 14:26
  1. The Holy Spirit causes you to see things to come. John 16:13
  2.  He will give you the ability to produce righteousness. He will walk in you Philippians 2:13
  3. He will give you rest. You will not labour in wrong direction. Isaiah 32:17-18
  4. Keep still and know that He is Lord. The Holy Spirit can help you to keep still.
  5. He will restore, renew and refresh 🔃 you. In iniquity was I conceived. Psalm 50:10
  6. Holy Spirit restores and renews us from sin. Psalm 103:5
  7. The Holy Spirit Quickens mortal body. Romans 8:11, Ephesians 5:18
  8. He will turn your wilderness into fruitful place. Isaiah 32:15-16, Genesis 13:14
  9. He brings excellence into your life. Daniel 6:3
The Holy Spirit is powerful and able to empower our mortal bodies to feel God's presence.
Live for God today.
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