Lessons from running my family business at 2x; Summary

Lately, I've been trying to revamp the code of conduct and terms of service at the establishment. This is because although the employees are up to task and are productive, some of them are complacent about certain work ethics and sometimes feel they can dictate what the company does.

The establishment runs purely as a sole proprietor-owed business, so the employer has every right to decide the code of conduct.

However, I decided to be diplomatic about it. Having read a lot of books on How to Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Daniel Coleman's Leadership skills and some other books, I wanted to practice what I read.

Things didn't work out at first as I was seen as an intruder by some employees. The old employees thought I was too young to correct them or give them a task. They found it quite difficult. I wasn't harsh as they thought so things worked out in couple of weeks.

The way this business is; customers report complaints to the owner of the business directly. Customers complained and I relayed the complaints to the employees immediately I got them. We worked together to make both sides happy.

My Discovery
Not everything in these books should be taken to (How to Influence People by Dale Carnegie, Daniel Coleman's Leadership skills).

This is because Whites; Americans, Europeans, Australians are wired differently. These people have a less aggressive mentality and most times good minds generally. They hardly keep grudges. They also do not take religion to work. Typical Africans are the opposite.
So most of the principles work well with the whites than with the blacks.
When Dale Carnegie talked about being the boss that talks softly; I tried it. It works well with 3 out of 17 employees. A typical African will take the soft tones for being lazy and afraid. He would want to cross the boundary.
I think that was why Bob Marley sang about giving them a feet and then they take a mile.

I tried to be employer who cared about them when they were sick, a particular employee misused the opportunity. She started coming late in disguise of some excuses.
In the end, it takes wisdom to deal with Nigerians. Not everyone deserves to be cared for.


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