Lessons from running my family business at 2x; Code of Conduct

So, last Thursday, I gave out a revised copy of the rules and regulation of the company in duplicate and asked the employees to sign and return a copy.
Not everyone was happy with it because it was a bit difficult for a few to adjust to time and some work ethics like the use of mobile phones, plugging ear piece, sleeping on duty and so on. The implication of being caught would be

a query which may attact a formal disciplinary action.
I knew they wouldn't like it but I had to. It wasn't to victimize anyone but to make work more prestigious and profitable.
I called a meeting to discuss the Rules and Regulations document and most of the reacted to it.
We deliberated for a couple of minutes and I made them understand that as a sole proprietor, the business was subject to only decisions made by the sole proprietor alone.

However, in order to make them comfortable and happy with work, we would cooperate to achieve our goals and enjoy benefits without misusing our opportunities.

They all responded positively and the rules were set and the timetables were formed.

Religion and Work
At the establishment, prayer in the Christian way is very important and compulsory. There were 3 muslim employees who objected to the practice. They cited a lot of reasons.

If I agreed with them, it would cause a factional section of the company. I decided to make them know the importance of prayer in the establishment. I reminded them that they were informed of the Christian prayers held and they agreed before taking the job.

The fact that they didn't want to participate now would mean voluntary resignation from the establishment as it was not by force to be part of the company. They were silent and agreed to the terms of service.

I cant really say how good or bad my response was but it is a popular saying that "the boss is always right".

I'm not the autocratic type but I would like to assert that their actions were just a mere attempt to disrupt the early morning prayers.

I thank God for the wisdom to direct all the time.


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