Lessons from running my family business at 2x. A cut on the Eye Brow

Hello reader. Thanks for making time to read again.
I must confess, this job is becoming tasking and more challenging by the day. I practically have no

time for myself.

Last Friday, after dressing up for work, a parent texted me to inform me that her son didn't bring pencil back home yesterday. I didn't really know what to tell her so I didn't reply her.

The job gets tasking and annoying by the day.

Today, an active 6 year old hit another with a flute on the head and it cut the eye-brow. This happened in slit seconds after the music class. The other pupils at the scene gave different versions of the event while the two juveniles involved gave two different stories.
I was so astonished that I didn't know what to do with both kids.
The injured kid was taken to the clinic for treatment (although it was a relatively small cut) while the accused kid was reported to his parent and cautioned.

It was not easy to apologise to the parent of the kid whose eyelash was cut.

My sister was the advocate of peace at this point. She took the injured child to the clinic while I called both parents to inform them of the event.

The injured child is healing fast and the cut has been covered up with flesh. This alone makes me happy.

We now have new measures to caution the kids. The made rules in each class with punishments attached to every rule.

For fighter, there will be no karate and dance class. For any talkative, some classes decided that he/she will not eat snacks and so on.

Lessons learned
  • Text your furious customer late in the night and very early in the morning with a heartfelt apology message.
  • These worked while dealing with the mother of the injured child.
  • Its less stressful for teachers to manage their classes when the kids set their rules.
  • Be as quite as possible in the presence of a furious person
  • Don't be too swift to pass across the bad news first.
  • Always ensure that you cover up tracks (if you can) before telling a bad event.


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