Livid me!

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Today, I'm happy; tomorrow, I'm livid.

I evaluate my life from time to time and the result leaves me livid.
Don't crave for the life others live 'cos some are little as happy as you can imagine.
The deadlines and targets, although the economy is bad, business must thrive.

There are these people between the middle class and the poor (mostly educated; at least with a University degree). They are the most difficult to do business with. However, their population is the highest in Nigeria.

They are good people though!

They want the best but pay the least. Some of them don't even want to pay at all.
They are people who will not steal or kill to make it.

They are very insightful on what they want and how they want it. Some of them are loveable while some are proud. Their characters are always in the extreme and they are almost always nagging about this or that.

These are the people I live with. I've stayed in this environment for long that I begin to get irritated by it.

An environment where a few still put rituals at crossroads. A poor man will offer a good meal in a calabash to spirits he can't see or hear. Dogs end up eating the ritual...

The government has made it so difficult to live and be satisfied with living.

In some cases, you need to bribe in order to excel in a post graduate school.

What a mess Nigeria is in!!!

People's faith are no longer strong enough to carry on. Some resort to traditional forms of prayers and fetish ways of making money.
Its everywhere!

Pastors' sermons don't move me any longer.
I must confess, my faith is .... at the moment. When I have believed in God, fasted and prayed and all I saw were the same things I used to see.

Don't be misguided!
I'm grateful for life, but I'm not where I want to be but I'm not where I used to be.

_My belief_
If I was created by the Ultimate Creator of all things, why can't I create as much as I can?

_My Desire_
I have aspirations and I thank God.
Everything just looks bleak

I just want to learn, explore new things in life.
I want to be as versatile as I can be.
I've seen good people die in poverty.
The rich just seem to be uninformed with that.

I want to be a farmer, to provide food, to enjoy the real principle of multiplicity. I want to rear cattle and birds.
I want to cultivate crops and enjoy this gift of nature's creation.

I want to learn programming, I want to create apps that make life easier.
I want to earn more degrees; not for the sake of learning. I really want to be someone who can solve problems as much as possible.

Far from desperation
I want to work for whatever I earn 'cos its the honourable thing to do.
I don't want to be famous, I want the products I create to touch lives.

My Plight

The  bible says faith is vanity in isolation of work... People say try your best.

My parents have been running this rat race since I was a baby.

  They sacrificed everything for me and my siblings. Yet, they are still in the hustle.

So many teenagers have lives that are crashing already. Everyone seems to be minding their business.
When they become prostitutes and touts, the community will make them talk of the town.

My Question
What really is this world about?
Do people really get punished for doing evil?

I'll conclude this some other time.


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