Abule Egba Bridge will be commissioned in May to mark #Lagos@50

The Abule Egba bridge will be commissioned alongside other big projects carried out be the Gov. Ambode led Lagos State Government administration.

The project commence in March 2016. The project is originally scheduled to last 18 months so as to control the traffic jam experienced by residents that ply the Lagos Abeokuta Express way.

70% of the construction work has been done as the bridge and road links from Awori to Oja Oba, Super and Ile Epo have been tarred. The last layer of tar has been laid on the bridge too.

However, a few inter-street links have been left untouched. Pipeline - Ekoro road-link has been graded and laid with gravel about 10 times. I think the reason it has not been tarred is because of the PMS pipeline beneath.

The 18-month project which will give the environment a face lift and probably lead to influx of investors and companies will be commissioned in May.

Work will continue after the commissioning of the Grand Project.

I just hope the bridge will not be an haven for the homeless and a point of refuse dump for market women and residents.

I hope Governor @AkinwunmiAmbode will endeavour to see his and our Lagos clean and beautiful.

Also, I will like to say that it is noticeable that the original plan of the job has been executed. This leaves the space created my houses demolished empty and it makes them potential garages and road workers base.
I would have advised that the Lagos state government should look into creating a metro line along the road stretch but it has been designated to be a Lagbus/BRT dedicated line and mega garage.

I hope that work is commenced as soon as possible.

Here are pictures of the bridge and some portion of the road.

Sorry the quality is not as high as the ones I provide. I had to take the pictures as quickly as possible.

"In celebrating Lagos at 50, we will showcase our cultural heritage, language, arts sounds and sights of Lagos". The set out hashtag is #Lagos@50.
The event is set to hold from April 9th - May 21st, 2017.
I'll like to call Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode the infrastructure Governor.

More pictures here:


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