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It's been a month and I've found what I have been looking for. Steemit is all about you. A place where I can receive value for creating value.
Use is just like facebook and twitter and you'll get paid when people like your posts.
It is always too good to be true for people who love the average life. People make as much as $1200 and more on a post.

Hello friend.
It's been a while I wrote on the blog. I've been busy making ends meet.
Today, I want to share some online money making jobs with you.

First, I will like to tell you a little about my internet journey. 🌚
I started using the internet in 2007. I was young and my intentions were just to explore this thing that has all the answers.

I had a desktop computer and a NEC flip phone. I learnt about tethering phones to computer for internet use and all I did was surf Prodigits. I made a couple of friends which became my inspiration for Candid Article.

It was the early days of mobile internet use in Nigeria so I we always devised ways by which we could have free access to the internet. Airtel was Zain then and 100mb was #1000. There was always a loop hole until 2016.

I started candid article in 2011, second semester while I was in second year in the university. I used it to share free browsing tricks and tips. That was my inspiration.
I had the knowledge, a desktop computer, an internet enabled Nokia and the knowledge.
I just wanted to make something happen.

I started blogging but I didn't want to make noise about it. That was a bad move anyway.
One close friend of mine wanted to know what Candid Article was but I didn't share with her. The truth is; I was shy about it.

A few more years down the line, I was still struggling with making money on the internet.

Apparently, I am a technology enthusiast and I believe so much in technology as I made money offline.
Technology has paid off in my broke times. I have made money from selling computers and other gadgets. I have made more from computer repairs, jailbreaks, unlocking and so on.

However, I hit success in 2016 when MMM Ponzi scheme rocked Nigeria. I made a few tens of thousands before it crashed. FYI; its still alive. The thing is, it has lost its value.

The money making website:
Blogging has been good until sometime in March. I couldn't cope with the fruitlessness in AdSense anymore.
I wanted to start a YouTube Vlog and a resign from my work to start a business. I had it all planned out when @woleybabz; a longtime hommie I met by happenstance in Bowen University introduced me to Steemit. I signed up and started as I knew he him as a smart dude.

He gave me a pep talk and some tutorials on telegram and it all synced in.
It has been a month and Steemit is a great site to be in. I have made a few dollars with my username @jotmax
I'll be sharing some more experience later. I'm ready to show you the basics. Drop a comment or find me on telegram. Jotmax.
I hope you make some money on your first day. 🙌🙋


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