Don't be left behind by the money train

Jobless but got a talent? This is for you...
Joblessness is eating deep into Africa day by day and there are opportunities all around.

You just need to be properly guided to identify and utilize these opportunities.

Here are a few of them:

1. Social Media
In Nigeria today, social media prodigies are celebrated everyday. Most of these people are youths who just shared a part of them to the public and were accepted. Millionaires have been made through social media than through academics in the last 3 years. Some of them are @arole @asiricomedy @mcshem (this guy started from school and started making a mark at the NYSC camp in Mangu, Jos), McDammy, Maraji and so on.

Social media sites you can made money from include the following:

Steemit: Here you make money from blogging. You get rewarded in Steem Dollars which can be converted to bitcoin and then to your local currency.

I'll take you through that in a video soon.

YouTube: Here you make money from Vlogging (video blogging). It's easy.

Facebook: Use facebook's audience reachability to spread your craft and earn.

Instagram: Share your craft on Instagram and gain new audience day by day.

I'll stop there.

2. E-Business
This has two categories which are E-commerce and E-trading.

E-Commerce is making waves in Nigeria now. You can earn money from very little capital. All you need is to take the bold step of registering with Konga or Jumia as a seller.

E-Trading is vast. You earn from Forex and cryptocurrency exchange; currencies, bonds and commodities. Rally Trade in Nigeria (Address: 3rd Floor, Fanis House, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja train people for free on how to do this)
Make research and let me know if you need my help with any.

Giving out too much information doesn't always help. That is why I didn't give out too much.

I discovered that saying too much will make it look too simple and easy to believe which might make you not to take a step.

I hope you are motivated. Don't forget to like our page, share and comment.


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