Life lessons

Hello friends! It's been a while.
I have been trying to increase my knowledge about certain things in life lately.
I'll like to share a few with y'all.

First, I'll like you to know that I do not intend to insult anyone in this post. It is plainly an innocent post.

I have been having a difficult time making a simple decision of opting for a Masters Degree. I have wasted 3 years after NYSC as many older people will say. I don't think so anyway.

Over time, my love for technology has birthed new opportunities and ideas of which I have become successful to an extent.

Contrary to what my society taught me, I believe that there are no set rules for success. Many of my family members and friends believe that to excel, we need to:

1. Get a tertiary certificate,

2. An Australian, American or Canadian Visa to study abroad and never come back if possible.

3. A well paying job, a company car, a rack full of suits and promotion.

** This is just one set of rules for some people.**

Even my university makes me believe that I need a job to survive and this makes me furious.

Lately, I completed my Android App Development Programme with #Andela and I met a young dude who makes #100k monthly from selling gadgets alone. He does other businesses and makes even more.

Even the blogging society believes you need AdSense to succeed.

My thoughts are these:

Every human being is an embodiment of ideas, abilities and innovations. We can only attain success when we explore the inner man we carry.

However, there is the need to learn from school or even a job but these must not become our final resort to exploring self. We must try to fight poverty and mediocrity and excel beyond our imaginations.

Fear is natural. Impossibility is a state of mind.

I know that sometimes we fear. There's the fear of the unknown. We must overcome this fear with actions. Actions are the catalysts our dreams need to be activated. Hope is an inhibitor when it becomes too much.

Education does not guarantee success. It only opens up opportunities to become a master at seemingly difficult things.
When you acquire a new degree, it should unlock new potentials and increase your IQ.

That increased Intelligence quotient is what we use to make decisions rightly and achieve what others find difficult to do. Let's try our best today to become who we really should be.

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