Make money on Steemit. No Capital needed

Recently, I've been steemvangelizing to friends, family and colleagues at work. Many of them have signed up but are finding it difficult to understand the platform. Some have not written any post since the day they the approval mail. Others have been making money since I showed them the basics.
I'll be sharing my personal experience with you.
Is Steemit too difficult to understand?
To some, yes. To others, no.
The "Yes, Steemit is too difficult group"
The truth is there are people who rarely visit facebook and detest twitter because they don't just understand the concept. These people find it difficult to understand how to connect with people online and feel its too cliché.
Hence, they just write 1 or 2 posts and log out.
These people might end up with no activity on their Steemit accounts.

**The way out**
My 2 kobo advice is that they should seek for guidance on how to go about Steemit from people who introduced them and read a few posts from the Steem category so that they are not left behind by the Steemit train.

The "No, Steemit is not difficult to understand group"
Some others understand the Steemit concept but do not have enough capital to start.
Yeah! Capital. Anything that requires time, internet data, brain power (communication skills, Social media skills) is capital intensive.
**Limited Internet Data**
Most people in Africa (like me) find it difficult to use Steemit because of the limited internet data they have.
For instance, I knew about Steemit a month ago and I understood the concept in less than a week. However, I finished my 1 month data in 2 days of visiting Steemit to read posts and understand the concept. I quickly made a recharge the next day and after 2 Steem nights a month's data was exhausted.
I had only submitted 3 posts which earned about 3 SBD. I had spent 4000 naira which was about 12 USD.

**Screenshots from my ISP**

I then realized that it only paid if I came on Steem once in a while so as not to spend all my income on Steemit.
All this time, my data was not spent in vain as my followers increased daily.
I then started typing my posts on my laptop's notepad and then connecting it to post them online only. Then, I would Steem from my phone.
When I mentioned that I will Steem from my phone, I mean I'll make comments, upvote others, chat on discord and from my phone's internet. This has helped me to learn more and make new connections.
That was how I saved myself from spending a fortune on internet data.
Steemvangelism: Problems Newbies and Minnows face on Steemit

Communication Skills
Some others don't have the skills needed to make Steemit great for them. They can't seem to pick the right set of words that will make people understand their idea and gravitate to them. Some are even shy to relate their opinion to people as they always think about what others will feel.
Well, I have something interesting to tell you. I stopped being broke they day I stopped being shy.
There was a time in my life that I wouldn't express myself as freely as I wanted. I was broke for most part of that time of my life. I really don't know why I was shy. I'm glad I broke out of it.
3. Many don't know they can invest in Steemit by buying up some Steem
I just realised this myself and I'm going to invest some Naira in it. Next month, I'll buy some and see how I can use it to boost my SteemPower and ultimately growing followers. I might also...(might because I have not concluded yet) pay a programmer to help me build a voting bot. Some might say that's cheating but I'm only thinking of a way to make things work out on Steemit for you and me.
I'm thinking of a way we can have a Steem Meetup in Lagos Mainland, Nigeria. I know some other fellows are thinking about it. Let's see how we can make this work before August.
I forgot to mention. If you are new and you really need to feel happy about Steemit, follow @minnowsupport and check their blog for the post on Minnow Support Project. Follow the instructions and send me a chat on for assistance.

My username is jotmax

I know I can make it simpler to find by dropping a link but its always better to own your learning. It makes you a master of yourself.
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