The Menace of Competitive Mentality (Winning the Rat Race)

Lily Tomlin (1977) once said "The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you are still a rat"
If you have ever been on the road on a Monday morning in Lagos, the rat race 🏁 would mean a lot to you. It's like a zombie war. People literally jump in suits to catch moving buses as early as 4:00 am in the morning.

A lot of people in the corporate sector have this as their routine everyday. I see it as corporate slavery.

It's so sad that we pass it from generation to generation.

Competitive mentality has kept too many people comfortable in career paths they dislike simply because they are doing well.

It is a deceptive act  that we tend to compare ourselves with others within our own network. We tend to evaluate ourselves based on how successful we have become than people within our network. Little do we know that there are people with lesser privileges in life compared to us that have recorded more success in dimensions that will dwarf our achievements.

As humans, we are either actively involved in creation of future success or regrets. True successes have been known not to compete against other people. True successes create the competition. They create the market in which others compete.

# What then should be my driving force if competition doesn't work?
The driving force of trailblazers today isn't competition. It is about being driven by a vision of possibility and the ability to pay the price for greatness.

In every man, especially when you do not like the life you live in, there is this small still voice that tells you to delve into a particular realm of life.

It makes you see yourself as a writer, singer, motivational speaker, or someone else with a solution to problems.

Then there is this other loud banging "discourager" telling you not to dream too big.

Just like Robert Kiyosaki's poor dad, the voice tells you to get a good paying job, a good mortgage, a car loan and the basics of life.

That is just fear. The spirit of limitation. Everyone is birthed with it. Our task is to tell it NO.

From Jack Ma to Bill Gates to Aliu Dangote to Mark Zuckerberg to Ben Carson to Carlos Slim to Tony Elumelu to Donald Trump... these men discovered their personal and true potential. They stood up to their dreams and achieved it one day at a time.

The funny thing is: although other people didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, they stood up to what what they believed in and walked out with success.

I'll end it with John Lily's 1579 quote: Though all men are made of metal, yet they be not cast all in one mold.

What mold are you made of?


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