Desperation; an ingredient for success

The truth is Desperate people break all barriers, respect no decorum and refuse to take "no" or "wait" for an answer. In the end, desperate people often even get more than they bargained for, while the non-desperate sometimes barely receive the minimum desire they crave.

If you have a heart desire which you have asked or wished for, but you are yet to receive it after a long time, it might be just that you are either not yet desperate or you are not desperate enough.
Desperation is a quality of people who have nothing to lose.

I'll quickly narrate a popular Bible story of Hannah, a woman who was barren. She had no child of her own while her rival, Peninah who had six children.
Hannah in the bible had an experience which serves as an example of what desperation can produce. She was barren and she prayed for the fruit of the womb for several years but nothing happened. Instead, her rival mocked her even more; this made her desperate. In her desperation, she made a vow which provoked her miracle. Although she only asked for one child, her desperation gave her six. She experienced an overflow!

If you can take your desperation to the limits, you can get beyond your requests today.

Moreover, desperation can cause you to ask for the impossible. When you are desperate, you are not bothered about processes or possible means. You could ask for what most people will consider difficult and get it.

Biblical Elisha is a good reference as regards to this kind of desperation. He was desperate for the power of God, so when he tendered his request, his master told him he had asked for a hard thing. What did he ask for? He requested for a double portion of the spirit of God upon his master, Elijah who said it was a difficult request. 
At the end, Elisha got the power because he was desperate.

How desperate are you?

Do you believe God can do all things? Do you believe that your request will not be difficult for God? Do you believe that your efforts will give good requests?

Its all in you mind, body and soul to aspire what you desire.

Desperate people are too hot to handle, even the devil gets out of their way.

Be desperate today and get out of your comfort zone. That's all you need to get it done.


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