Is life Predestined or just a set of random events?

Are we be born to be great or we must strive to be great?

# Que sera sera; Whatever will be! Is life just a set of random events or a cohesion of predestined events?

Some people say Deja vu is a confirmation that life is predestined. They say when you have a Deja vu, its a sort of flash memory that reconnects you with the predestined set of events you must encounter or be involved in. I really want to believe that I have been wired to be a certain individual from creation but I like to believe  that your life is in your hands. You decide what way your life would go.

In my language; Yoruba, destiny is called 'Kadara'. Its often said that there's nothing you can do to change destiny.

# However, I have a conflict with this belief in predestination and its associate phenomena.

I believe life is like a plain canvas.

# My Belief!

At birth, a baby is born fresh and clean with this white plain canvas. He has the choice to become whatever he wills. The Holy book; Bible says in Proverbs 23:7 "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

However, in some cases, although a baby is born with a plain canvas, he/she is liable to be under a sort of spell or curse from birth. This is because his/her parents, ancestors have caused this.

This simply translates that if Jane thinks she can become a doctor, she will become a doctor if she works.

Although not many people will agree with me, I'll cite a couple of people who have been able to claim success in spite of constraints and challenges.

-The current President of Nigeria; Mohamadu Buhari is an example. He contested to be president 6 times. He got in the 6th time.

- Donald Trump, also contested a couple of times before getting in as the President of America.

- Kim Jon, despite the sanctions from United Nations keeps doling out Nuclear War Heads with his presumed limited resources. He is by my measure, the World's most stubborn human being.

The list goes on and on. From Abraham Lincoln to Bob Marley to Fela Kuti to even you and other readers who have made a change in their lives by taking big steps.

Although life is a plain canvas, it is also filled with obstacles. There are hurdles we must cross. The harder we resist and overcome, the more successful we will be.

# From birth man faces challenges.

He/she starts competing from the void form as a sperm among 10 million others and then survives as a fetus, then a full formed baby. At birth, he faces the task of coming out alive through a small opening from the mother.

# Man then faces constant daily challenges.

Challenges are endless. I'll skip some. From succeeding academically to making the right friends  to expressing yourself, getting the right spouse, having children, having a successful career, dealing with environmental and dream-challenging issues especially if you are Nigerian; electricity, education, marriage, building your own house, running your business and the list is endless.

# In spite of the challenges

We must strive to be great.
The greatest people today didn't have the best of shoes, clothes, computer while growing up. Many of the world's greatest people have been able to overcome their greatest challenges. Some have been able to turn their challenges to innovation. They have mastered the art of turning lime into lemonade.

# Predestination; a contradiction

Predestination is actually real. It is a phenomena that is born with all humans. However, it can be changed and reformed. A prince who refuses battle training in the time of war might just be ousted out buy his subjects. Although destined to be a king, his actions have betrayed his destiny.

We shouldn't allow predestination determine how actions in life. Janitors have become CEOs by going through rigorous life events. Slaves have become Kings and Queens by making sacrifices no one was willing to take.

# Wake up

- Life in it's real sense is a set of random events.
- Cut out unprofitable friends.
- If an idea doesn't work, drop it.
- Don't sleep on a bicycle (Nigerian Slang) This means,, don't watch things crumble before you make amend.
- Strive to achieve and always give your best.

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Much love. Bye for now...



  1. There is, of course, no explanation for life, whether preordained or random. As evidenced by all of the comments, everyone has their own preconceived, or more so, acquired belief. All of the ideas, whether made up honestly, or profit in mind, by religions, are all very silly, violent, sexist, homophobic, and therefore, absolutely inane and preposterous.

    The most accepted intelligent and scientific belief is that it all ends, naturally, after we die. Believe that or not, but of course, many, especially Americans, do not believe in climate change. Just be happy in your own particular, or peculiar, way.


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