The internet of Money: Money in the air or internet?

Although I am not yet rich, I know I have found a money spring in this place called the Internet. Three months ago, Bitcoin was only $1957. It rose and dropped and rippled to a whooping $4000+.

With a little bit of market correction here and there, its pegged at $4300+ today.

# A brief easy history

Bitcoin came into play in 2009 with one costing about  less than a dollar. Many people were reluctant to invest in it so the opportunity gladly passed them by. I didn't even know about it.

8 years down the line, I have discovered the cryptocurrency world.

# My Discovery

I haven't discovered anything new other than the fact that you can make money by just buying Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

# How does this work?
This works like magic. Since The market value of cryptocurrency increases and decreases almost everytime, a good investor can trade with any available amount he has and multiply it over time.

This requires a little bit of education but its okay. All you need do is read it up on the internet.

Also, blogging on certain sites that reward users for their activity  allow you to earn good rewards.

Two I know so well are: and

on both sites, I blog and earn when people like my content.
Accounts on the following sites will be required:

# Exchange sites:

# Purchase Sites

# Price Charts

- (This doesn't need an account)


Learn about exchange. I'll only give a brief here.
Exchange is the simplest way to make money with cryptocurrency. You buy when its low and sell when it's high. That's the simple way.

Bill is a trader. If Bitcoin was dropping on the charts, Bill would buy his first bitcoin worth any amount. Say 10k. He'll then send it from his Purchase wallet to his exchange wallet.

The next thing to do here is to look for an opportunity to sell. When bitcoin price rises, he'll look out to exchange it for another cryptocurrency; say Dash or Ethereum or a none popular one like Litecoin or Darkcoin or anyone you feel has dropped and is most likely to rise. You get to know this by studying the charts.

You wait for it to rise and then you exchange for another that has dropped and is most likely to rise. This is usually annoying at first as you might not understand the concept or as a Nigerian, may have bad internet.

You just need to be patient and search  for problems on google.

Cashing out is always easy. As easy as pie. You just exchange back to Bitcoin and sell for cash on the purchase sites.

I hope you found this helpful.


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