Steemit: Project 20 Million Naija. Brought to you by Stach

Money is everywhere only on Steemit. Facebook is good but Steemit is best!

Hello friends! It been a while.
Have you ever wished you got paid for all the time and energy spent on facebook, instagram, twitter and all?
Well, here is the answer you have been looking for.

I made posts about Steemit sometime ago.Click Here to read about it.

Now to the main Story
Stach; Steem Accelerator Hub, an initiative of Ejemai, a Steemian based in Port Harcourt has conceived the idea to spread the gospel of Steemit to 20 million Nigerians.

This task comes with a price for all.

I'll refer to this Steemit Post by Stach.
Steemit pays. Why don't you spread the news?
I'll be assisting all the new signups who drop their comments here.

One love ❤ 🌈📡


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