Break out from Contagious Mentality

Be curious; not suspicious.
Ask; "why did this happen", don't conclude  without proof.
Mentality is contagious
Be selective about what gets into your mind.
We should be concerned about "what is sensible" and not "what people think is sensible"

Don't blame your immediate environment for your predicaments.
 If its not helping you, find a better place to be.

# Have three types of friends
### - Friends that help you grow.
(Friends of the same feather flock together)
### - Friends that you help grow.
(The hand that gives stays on top)
### - Friends you do good business with.

# Finally;
### Life is short and there's no word to describe love shared during Christmas

These are my thoughts after a conversation with a group of friends.
We share different ideology about life and I discovered that events that happen to you in life are personal and cannot be used to judge others.

In the end, my conclusion is that "Every human; young or old, is responsible for his or her actions.

People will dump us when we don't do well and embrace us when we excel.

It's just life.

# Contagious mentality part.
When we allow people make us believe certain things that are not necessarily true.
Then we have allowed some form of contamination in or minds.

I will love to write on and on but I won't.

# Trust yourself to be the best version of the human you are.

Bye for now.

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