Tutorial: Dell Vostro 3550 Disassembly (Video)

This is a simple 3 minute video that shows how to disassemble a typical Dell laptop (Vostro 3550 Core i5 board).

You can find how to couple it back on this blog too.

# Precaution while opening up the laptop.

1. Always work in a neat and dust free environment
2. Be as careful as possible not to scratch the motherboard while working on it.
3. Open up the laptop only if you there is the need to.

     - If water or liquid pours on the laptop and you want to clean or dry it up

     - If the PC gets hot and you want to clean off dust on it.

     - If the fan is not working properly and you want to change it

     - If the screen module is bad and you feel the need to replace it.

     - Just for the adventure.

4. It's best to visit a certified technician whenever your computer is bad.


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