Visit to the Orphanage with Steem-Lagos

Love, unexpressed diminishes; today, unused is lost hence, to whom much is given, much is expected. 

Love the life you have and give to people who can't give you back.
Errm... Don't mind the way I stand jare.

  • When @steem-lagos planned to visit an Orphanage this Christmas, I didn't know  so much impact impact could be made.
  • In the end, we agreed on visiting littlesaintsorphanage Home for Girls and Infants in Ogudu, Lagos, Nigeria.

Come to think of it; this orphanage is the dream of just one woman who has touched lives since 1994.

The road would have been very rough before now.

# It is more blessed to give than to receive.

 We have had a good year individually and collectively as a team online and offline.

 Although from different walks of life, we have a part of goodness in our hearts.

As @surpassinggoogle says,
There is so much cheating in this world but we will conquer with all the love we've got. 

While most of us complain that life is not good enough, some don't even have any good. They have the desire to have the little good we have. 

 While you complain about your family, they wish they have the desire to have at least a mum to cry to or a dad to hug at night; a family in any way to be happy with and share some intimacy with.

 Although excited about this visit, 
My mind has been so filled with thoughts of the emotional and psychological stress the children at orphanges might face.

While growing... (my thoughts)

At first, they are excited to see visitors with gifts. They think it is the norm for every child. Then, they grow.

As they grow

With time, the excitement fades and they begin to get used to seemingly nice people coming in with gifts and packages once in a while.

The Switch

Later, they are not surprised to see gifts anymore.

Apparently, this depends on the personality and temperament of the individuals (each child forms his/her thoughts).

A grown girl (probably in her early 20's) may not want to be identified as a motherless or fatherless person anymore. She might feel it's a ridicule to be seen as one.

Her mind builds a defense system or permits shyness and an inferiority complex.

I have some other thoughts I'll keep to myself.

Life is good

O Yes, it is!
Many of these children turn out to be doctors, lawyers, beauticians accountants and so on.

Photo Speaks

Team Picture
From L-R; That's me, @oluwoleolaide, @cwen, @sweetestglo-eu and @peman

There's a new steemian (Steem Kid) in the block.
Pave way for Alvin;
He's such a smart chap with all the greatness in him. I was shocked to see him speak and scared to the marrow that he would ask me a questions I wouldn't be able to respond to.

Alvin helped with offloading the gifts from @peman's car.

# The kids were cute but no pictures.
We must comply with child rights law or else we will be guilty of child abuse.

They sang a Christmas song for us too.

I hope you know life is good for you.
Live it, love it and spread some love.

People need your love. People need my love.

In an attempt to spread some love, I am going to be a nice as I can to other people and give to the orphanage and others as often as I can.

I won't make posts of them though.

 Whatever you do this, no matter how much or how little you have, extend some love to the less privileged this season.


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